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Dr Zarir F. Udwadia

Dr Zarir F. Udwadia is a prolific researcher & has over 140 PubMed indexed publications & 7000 citations to his credit. He was nominated among the best strategists who have translated their ideas into reality.

Quote for the week

"There have been as many plagues as wars in history, yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise" Albert Camus, The Plague.

TED Global Talk

Dr Udwadia was invited to give a TED Global talk on December 2016 at the NCPA. This was only the 2nd talk on Tuberculosis in the history of TED.

TEDx Global talk on Corona virus / COVID-19

Principles of Respiratory Medicine

Principles of Respiratory Medicine is a book by Dr Zarir F. Udwadia which is recently published by Oxford International Press.

This is the first international textbook of respiratory medicine that gives an Indian perspective of common respiratory problems.

Available on

Puzzling Cases in Pulmonary Medicine

Puzzling Cases in Pulmonary Medicine is a book by Dr Zarir F. Udwadia which is recently published.

The book contains cases written by some most respected physicians from around India. The book is a treasure trove of their knowledge and experience.

Available on


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