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November 4, 2020 5:55 PM

World’s best brains in medical science and research are from Pune! A report by the Sandford University has ranked more than 10 Pune doctors and scientists in the world’s top 2% in their respective fields. Over 1000 Indian doctors have made it to the top ranks worldwide said the survey, published in PLOS Biology and reported IE.

Dr Sundeep Salvi and Dr C S Yajnik have secured a position in the top 1 per cent in their respective fields of respiratory medicine and diabetes. In the field of respiratory medicine specifically, four Indian doctors ranked in the top 2 per cent among 500-odd doctors worldwide. Dr Ritesh Agarwal, Dr Zarir Udwadia and Sr Surinder Jindal are the other three. In the field of research, Dr R A Mashelkar who evolved Gandhian engineering, UGC Vice-Chairman Dr BhuPune doctors, scientists secure world’s top 2% ranksshan Patwardhan, former grade scientist Vidya Arankalle, Dr Naresh Dadich and Dr P Padmanabhan, all from Pune secured top ranks.

The ranking was prepared by Stanford University on the basis of a database created on the basis of standardised citation markers like h-index, a composite indicator, information on citation and co-authorship. The report, however, maintained that no database is large enough to accommodate every scholar and the database has been created on the basis of most cited scientist in each field with the aid of Google where scientists create their profile and share in the public domain.

Dr Salvi happy about his accomplishments said that his research challenged the accepted norm that tobacco smoking is the third leading cause of death in the world and proved it is air pollution. Other scientists like Dr Patwardhan, Dr Uwadia, Dr C S Yajnik expressed their gratitude and joy for this recognition of their work in respective fields.

The top scientists who secured a rank in the Sandford list are an alumnus of IIT’s, IISc and belong to the field of material science, physics, plant biology, chemical engineering, physic and the likes.