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Dr Zarir F Udwadia is a consultant chest physician at the Hinduja Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Parsee General Hospitals. He is an MD, DNB, FRCP (London.), and FCCP (USA). A post-graduate of the Grant Medical College, Bombay, he has spent 5 years training in various centers of excellence in the U.K including the prestigious Brompton Hospital, London. On his return he established an active chest department at the Hinduja Hospital. This includes Bombay's busiest bronchoscopy and PFT services and the city's first sleep laboratory. More

Special Mention

A) The only Indian doctor to be invited by WHO, Geneva to be part of a core task force to formulate new TB treatment guidelines for 2009 at a meeting held in Paris in 2008 October.
B) Dr Zarir Udwadia and team are the first to describe Totally Drug Resistant TB (TDR-TB) from India. This attracts intense media and scientific attention with coverage by all the National dailies and BBC, Science, Nature, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Lancet coverage.

Principles of Respiratory Medicine

Principles of Respiratory Medicine is a book by Dr. Zarir Udwadia which is recently published by Oxford International Press. This is the first international textbook of respiratory medicine that gives an Indian perspective of common respiratory problems.

Photographer: Lauren Rudser

Articles by Dr Udwadia

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