About Dr Zarir F. Udwadia

Consultant Chest Physician at…
Dr Zarir F. Udwadia is a consultant chest physician at the Hinduja Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Parsee General Hospitals.
Educational Qualifications…
He is an MD, DNB, FRCP (London), and FCCP (USA).
A post-graduate of the Grant Medical College, Mumbai, he has spent 5 years training in various centres of excellence in the UK including the prestigious Brompton Hospital, London.
On return to India…
He established an active chest department at the Hinduja Hospital.
This includes Bombay’s busiest bronchoscopy and PFT services and the city’s first sleep laboratory.
Prolific researcher on Tuberculosis…
He is actively involved in TB research collaborations with partners from across the globe.
Some of these projects involve new TB diagnostics (with colleagues at the Imperial College, London) and new TB drugs with colleagues in Europe and the US.
His findings…
  • His group was the first to publish data on survival of a large number of MDR-TB patients treated on an OPD basis at the Hinduja Hospital.
  • His group was also the first to report on XDR-TB from India.
  • They were the first Indian group to use Linezolid as a salvage drug in these desperately ill patients.
  • His publication of the 1st patient with Totally Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TDR-TB) attracted intense medical and media interest across the globe.
Prominent Lecturer…
He has been a prolific lecturer given over 100 international lectures across the globe.
Of the special mentions are…
  • Guest lectures
  • Orations and inaugural addresses.
These were before…
  • The British, European and American Thoracic societies
  • International Union against TB
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Gates Grand Challenges meeting
  • Gordon Research Conference
  • Harvard Medical School
  • The Royal Society of Medicine(London)
Invitee at World health Organisation…
He was the only Indian invited by WHO to be on the TB ‘Guidelines Group’. This group after meetings in Paris formulated the 4th edition of the TB Guidelines, published by WHO in 2010.