Multidrug-resistant-tuberculosis treatment in the Indian private sector: Results from a tertiary referral private hospital in Mumbai.

There is very limited data on the experience and outcome of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patients treated privately out of the DOTS plus program. Goal of this study is to provide characteristics and treatment outcomes of a prospective cohort of MDR-TB patients managed at a private tertiary referral institute.

A prospective analysis of a cohort of MDR-TB patients treated in a tertiary private hospital, with the back-up of a Level 2 mycobacterial laboratory, which has recently received recognition by the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) for second-line drug susceptibility (DST). All patients received an individualized MDR regimen on an ambulatory basis.

Our 68% success rates are respectable and show that given the right laboratory backing, MDR-TB can be managed successfully in selected private practice settings.

India; individualized regimens; multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; private practitioners; private sector

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